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A love for beer and spending time outdoors, paired with a flair for the creative and a knack for quality craftsmanship are what brought The Original Backyard BARn to life. Ryan Nagy, who owns Rocky Mountain Exteriors & Interiors Inc., has put his already exceptional tradesman talents behind creating custom, outdoor bars designed to get you spending more time in your backyard.

The Original Backyard BARn is geared to everyone. Whether you want a family friendly version or an adult only one, it’s all about what you stock in the cooler. Our BARns are made from cedar or stained pine that can be customized to whatever you want it to be. The only thing holding you back is your imagination.

In addition to creating the ultimate outdoor entertaining space, we also build everything you need for outdoor games. From large wooden dice, to Jenga or a backyard bowling alley, we’ll help you turn your backyard into a truly livable space. With a variety of models, there’s a BARn for every yard or cottage and BARn related products for any deck, patio or balcony.

At The Original Backyard BARn we want you to take the party outside. That’s why we don’t just create bars. We create atmosphere, party ideas, food and drink recipes and all-around good times.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I rent an Original Backyard BARn?

We offer weekend rentals for $750.00 Friday delivery, Sunday pickup.

Will the BARn fit through our gate?

The beautiful thing about our BARns is that they were designed to fit through 99.9% of gates in a typical yard.

The Crapper width is 31” depth

The Original BARn shed is  34” depth

Do you ship?

We can deliver within Calgary for $150.00.  Please call or email to arrange shipping to any other destinations.

Can we build a custom BARn?

Absolutely!  Please email us with images or descriptions of what you wish to build.