Backyard Barn


Some Of Our Favourite BARns
The Original Backyard Bar

The Original BARn Shed

Where It All Began

The Original Backyard BARn “Shed” has everything you need to transform your backyard into the entertainment envy of your friends!

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Wine Barrel Beverage Table

A Real Conversation Starter

Wine barrel beverage table with welded barrel ring. No two tables are alike. Crafted from American and French oak wine barrels.


We Want To See You Spending More Time In Your Backyard

Want to get away from it all while not actually having to drive anywhere? Do you want to feel like you’re at a swanky outdoor bar while sitting in your own backyard? We know the answer is yes, because who wouldn’t love spending their days outdoors in style. At The Original Backyard BARn we have just the solution. Kick back, relax and still sleep in your own bed at the end of the night when you have one of our outdoor bars.

Backyard BARn began when a few good buddies got together and brainstormed with owner Ryan Nagy over the concept. Ryan, who already owns a successful exterior and interior renovation company in Calgary – Rocky Mountain Exteriors & Interiors Inc. – is no stranger to building and creating beautiful things, so he was up for the task.

We want to promote outdoor living, and seeing people spend more time entertaining at their own homes. Each backyard bar can be customized to suit you and your family’s need. Kid friendly or adult only, it’s really up to you and your vision. One of the best parts about the BARns is it’s an easy way to keep people outside, leaving you less mess to clean up at the end of the night or in the morning.

From outdoor cooking to sitting by the fire in the evening, from entertaining guests to unwinding after the daily grind, outdoor living trends are proving that truly livable outdoor spaces are becoming the ‘norm’. The Original Backyard BARn is the perfect accessory for your backyard oasis. With a variety of models, there’s a BARn for every yard or cottage and BARn related products for any deck, patio or balcony.


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